Senior Corps Grantees and Fund Raising

Many groups and organizations utilize funding provided by the Senior Corps. It is important, of course, that funds as well as the fund raising activities are used in an appropriate manner. This is of significant importance to the sponsors as well as the project directors.

Fund Raising

As the project director you certainly are encouraged to do fund raising for your cause. However, you must remember that the time involved in any fund raising activity cannot be charged to the federal or non-federal part of the grant as it is not legal. It is important that the Executive Directors, as well as all support staff, work closely with the Senior Corps project directors in order to make certain full compliance is in order in regards to cost principles. The sponsors have the responsibility for oversight of each project.


Senior Corps has identified several issues that project directors have previously faced. One of these is in regards to fund raising and how it relates to 100 per cent grant funded project directors. We feel confident that we will be able to work with every Senior Corps grantee in order to make necessary changes so that everyone is in 100 per cent compliance.

Government Requirements

One of the key questions many project directors want to know is this: when raising funds under the Senior Corps grants, what government wide requirements apply? It is imperative that each grantee meet all of the applicable OMB Cost Principle circulars. These include the OMB Circular A-21, the OMB Circular A-122, and the OMB Circular A-87. These various circulars define the different costs the grantee may include on a Financial Status Report. One of the most discussed costs involves those related to fund raising. Another key question involves the definition of grant funds. These funds are those that are federally funded and that require non-federal shares.

It is imperative that each grantee meet all governmental requirements. To assure each grantee achieves this goal the Senior Corps will be in close contact with each of you.

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