Senior Corps Fact Sheet

The Corporation for National and Community Service has many programs. One of them is Senior Corps, which is divided into Foster Grandparents program, RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) and Senior Companion program. There are also three AmeriCorps programs: State and National, VISTA, NCCC ((National Civilian Community Corps) and the other programs like Learn and Serve America ( for young people and United We Serve ( Also the Corporation for National and Community Service (going to be referred as the Corporation in this text) has set partnerships with private volunteer organizations like Red Cross, Salvation Army and Volunteers of America. The Corporation provides federal grants to volunteering organizations, which match grants with own funds in certain percentage.


Senior Corps has received in 2000-2003 $778 million for its programs. The Senior Companion programs got $167 million, which it matched with $107 million dollars. The RSVP got $201 million, which it matched with 197 million dollars. And Grandparent volunteer organizations received $410 million and matched it with $158 million dollars. Also other programs besides Senior Corps are funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service. In same years 2000-2003 AmeriCorps grants were $1.03 billion.

How Does Senior Corps Help?

Senior Corps cooperates with other volunteers programs. For example RSVP finds volunteers to all Corporation programs and its partnership programs. In 2006 there were 62,600 organizations using RSVP volunteers. It links different organizations to local organizations. Its web page lists local organizations and searches specific types of volunteer work for potential volunteers. Disaster recovery programs for example need seniors as well as younger volunteers organized and trained for catastrophic events like the Gulf oil spill.

According to the Senior Corps Fact Sheet volunteering is increasing in America. New expected resource for volunteering is the baby boom generation. But also American youth is involved in community service and volunteering.

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