Senior Companions

Are you one of the millions of Americans who has worked all your life looking forward to the day when you can retire and enjoy your leisure only to find yourself bored and restless now that the time has finally come? If so why not look to volunteerism as a way of enriching your life while, at the same time, providing assistance and support to others in need. Senior Corps, managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service, offers three programs from which volunteers aged 55 and over can choose according to their specific talents, skills, and interests.

What is the Senior Companion Program About?

Another program offered by Senior Corps is the Senior Companion Program. With this program the volunteer is matched with elderly people in the community who need assistance with normal everyday tasks. The volunteer contributes 15-40 hours every week shopping, running errands, or performing household chores for as many as four elderly individuals.

How Can I Help?

A Senior Companion can do as little as keeping a home bound senior company, to running errands, household chores or anything in between. This gives the individual you are helping solace knowing there is someone who cares and is willing to put in the extra effort for them. Some of these people are alone and have no one. It also may give their caregiver some time off. It does not take much to show someone you care, but your little effort can go a long way in making them feel needed and wanted.

What Is Necessary?

Some Senior Companions volunteer as much as 40 hours a week. This is not necessary, whatever time you have is wonderful. Depending on your level of service you may even qualify for an hourly stipend which is tax free. You will receive training and guidance as well as supplemental accident and liability insurance.

The opportunities with Senior Corps are nearly limitless. So are the rewards.

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