You might be asking yourself, “Is there more I can be doing with my life?” You might even be bored. With these feelings you could desire being significant to others. Finding yourself being helpful to others is a productive way of accomplishing this goal. You need RSVP.

What Can I Do?

RSVP means retired and senior volunteer program. Not realizing it, you have much to offer. You have experiences from your life that no one else has. These include your unique talents and skills.

Join Now!

If you are fifty-five years old or over, you can be a part of one of the largest network of volunteers in the United States. There are almost half a million volunteers in RSVP. Community issues are being tackled by RSVP.

What Can I Offer?

National as well as local opportunities abound for RSVP participants. Flexibility is key. You decide where and how to serve. The amount of time that you want to volunteer is entirely your choice.

The opportunity meant for you depends on what you want to do. This can mean relying on skills that you already have or pursuing new skills.


RSVP makes sure that you are ready and well equipped to serve. Not only will your local organization train you and give you orientation, but they will provide supplemental insurance when you are on duty.

Helping Others

As a volunteer you help yourself as well as helping others. You can make new friends and discover new things. Another perk of volunteering is the health benefit. Research studies indicate that volunteering leads to a more positive mental attitude and to a longer life.

Getting started is easier than you may think. One way to do this is to go online to here. A blue box labeled “Get Involved” will lead you to opportunities.

It’s one of the best invitations. RSVP now!

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