Resources for Faith-based and Other Community Organizations

When searching for more resources for faith-based and other community organizations, a planner or a fundraiser may feel like that there are not a lot of options out there. Former President George W. Bush’s push to use federal funds to fund faith-based programs ended with his presidency. A business or an organization looking to work with such groups does not need to give up entirely. The Senior Corps website offers resources that can help a company or organization representative hook up with older and sometimes even younger volunteers.

The Senior Corps web site provides many resources for faith-based and other community organization. A representative from a group or a company can download free booklets and other information in PDF format. Web pages are good, put people tend to remember things they see in print more easily. The FAQ can answer questions about resources for faith-based and other community organizations, and companies can download a brief that tells them how they can help the efforts of such groups. Visit here for more details.

Mailing Lists

If the organization promoting community service among older Americans does not give an organizer enough information, there is a mailing list that he or she can subscribe to. The site’s resource center provides information on training and tools to encourage volunteerism in your community. Training may be required for tutors and other services that are normally offered professionally.


The FCBIlistserv provides additional resources and information for community service organizations to subscribers. Users post information and questions to the list every day. The listserv works well as a place to get questions answered for anyone who is interested in community service with faith-based organizations. It also serves as a place to extend an organizer’s contacts and networks. More than one national campaign from a service organization has started on the listserv’s Internet mailing list.

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  2. i am interested in talking with someone about foster grandparent program and if there a postitions still open. Have heard alot about the progam from Rev.YolandBlack and Gano Wheaton.Please call me so I can discuss program. Thank You Sue A Tyrrell/Stone.

  3. Veronica Devine says:

    I would like to serve inthe Foster Grandparents Program in the West Palm Beach/North Palm Beach/Jupiter, Florida Area.
    Please let me know how and where to apply

  4. Carol Benson says:

    I live in Rock County WI. How do I go about becoming a Foster Grandparent? My mother did this and loved it so much!

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