Principles that Guide Senior Corps Service

Sense Of Community

There are several key principles which guide Senior Corps service. One of these principles is a sense of community. Obviously as you get older, you may not be able to accomplish some of the things that you use to be able to accomplish on a regular basis. One of the goals of Senior Corps is to care about young people and the needs which they have. You want to care about the people around you. You want to care about a young person that happens to be struggling to read. One of goals and guiding principles of the Senior Corps is to educate young people and make sure they have a bright future.


Faith is also a guiding principle of the Senior Corps as the Senior Corps does a lot to take care of people who happen to be less fortunate than others are. There are many prophets through many different faiths who understand the purpose of good works to help out your fellow human being. These human beings need assistance in order to have a better standing in life, a better quality of the life. The folks who volunteer at the Senior Corps understand the importance of this faith and sacrifice within society.


Companionship is also something that is greatly aided by the Senior Corps. You want to make sure that people can go on visits to the doctor or go to the grocery store. The Senior Corps can help out people who are struggling with a disability and need a friend to depend upon. This can be important because people simply don’t want to feel like they are alone in the world. There are plenty of people out there who do feel like they are alone however, but the goal of the Senior Corps Companionship Program is to correct this injustice.

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