Paperwork Reduction Act

The Paperwork Reduction Act states that all information that is obtained by the offices of management and budgeting have it verified by a federal agency. This was made to ensure that information being collected is accurate and not at all false. Thereby verifying it with a federal agency, an information collector can ensure that it is all legal.

Why Is Information Collected?

There are several reasons in which information would be collected. Applications and reports are common forms that apply to this. Also requirements that are in place for record keeping and reporting. Lastly disclosure requirements that are set up for the public, or third parties.

Other Purposes For the Paperwork Reduction Act

There are other purposes for the Paperwork Reduction Act, they include lowering the amount of paperwork for individuals. It also saves money. There is less paperwork to make, decipher, and collect. Also, it better unifies state, local, and federal governments information.

It affects the government agencies when they need to collect information. For them to do so, they have to collect a specific form, once and if this form is approved then the agency is then allowed to collect information from the general public. If an agency wishes to continue to be able to collect information, then they will have to fill out a new form renewing their ability to collect information.

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