New Grant Opportunities

Senior Corps, a part of the Corporation for National and Community Service, is a federal volunteer program that provides seniors who are 55 and older the ability to lead productive, fulfilling lives while helping others in need. A significant vehicle for ensuring the success of senior programs is through providing grant money to eligible organizations. To date, Senior Corps has provided more than 1300 grants to further senior volunteer program efforts.

Eligible Organizations

Eligible organizations who may apply for a grant from Senior Corps must be either a non-profit, state or local government entity, or an Indian tribe. Non-profits may include secular and faith-based organizations, as well as local charity groups. The grant money is earmarked for organizations, and not individuals. Criteria for receiving grant funds is that it be used by organizations for one of the three Senior Corps designated programs: Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Foster Grandparents, and/or Senior Companions to further these programs.

Senior Corps Volunteer Opportunities

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) provides grant money to organizations who enlist the services of senior volunteers. Foster Grandparents is designed to provide foster grandparents to children with exceptional or special needs. Senior Companions provide the frail elderly with a senior companion who may also provide some much needed services such as running errands or providing light housekeeping chores.

Grants are posted on the Senior Corps website, click here to see current grant information. The availability of new grant opportunities is listed on the Notices of Funds Availability. The site also provides a notification service by subscribing to the RSS Feed. The chart provided on the website lists available grants. Grant applications can be accessed on the web page. The majority of sponsors are able to fill out an electronic application through eGrants. However, applicants may also print the application and mail their completed forms to Senior Corps.

For detailed information, instructions and available grants, please refer to this link.

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