Media Kit Materials

Senior Corps is a great way to blend the experience of seniors 55 and older with the eager energy of younger members of their community to accomplish the aspirations of both. Members of Senior Corps devote their time as mentors, coaches, tutors, and foster grandparents. While some of the group’s initiatives get great publicity, media coverage is still needed for programs that without it would go unnoticed.

How To Begin?

So what is the best way to shine a light on these efforts than to implement media kit materials? Funding from sponsors and man hours provided by volunteers can be gained by getting the word out about your program and how it can benefit the community.

A Guide to Working With the Media is a downloadable informative tool found at here to navigate different types of media kit materials and the best ways to put them to work for you to yield the most effective result. Included in this document are descriptions of each branch of the media and what interactions you should pursue to start reaping the benefits. Once your program or outreach service has the attention of the media, knowing how to present the potential benefits of your efforts must first be best delivered by you. Once the door of media coverage has been opened, it is up to you to manage the public’s image of you and what your program is meant to accomplish. Public service announcements and interviews can steer corporations and individuals to offer time, materials and hands on participation in the success of the next local children’s sports league, for example.

Additional Information

Also found on this site are fact sheets for each program explaining how the program works and what the benefits of promoting the program are. The photo gallery is a showcase of amazing seniors in action contributing to their community and those in it. These photos are proof that our senior citizens are still a viable part of our society with so much to offer. The site also provides program logos and national service banners. These resources link back to the site of Senior Corps to let your website visitors know that your site and program are affiliated with one of the most reputable service groups available. If media relations are not your strong suit or may not seem necessary, consider the support your program could gain through taking the steps outlined in the media kit materials.

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