Manage Current Grants

If your group or organization applied for and received a grant, from the Senior Corps, it is important that you fulfill specific responsibilities. How you are using the funds you received as well as reporting on the program are both required as part of the grant requirements.

Office of Management Budget

OMB (The Office of Management and Budget) has created a new financial reporting form. OMB has determined that all groups receiving grants will need to use the new form. The new Federal Financial Report (FFR), initiated in 2009, will join the data collected by the group or organization and then report the information on two different forms. These two forms are the Federal Cash Transaction Report (FCTR, which is also named the “272″) and the Financial Status Report to CNCS (this form is also known as the FSR as well as the “269″). The new FFR, unlike the previous FSR, has added different data fields that allows the reporting of program income. The FFR implementation schedule is for grantees as of January, 2009.

Resources With Senior Corps

The Senior Corps program has many resources available to assist you in managing your grant more effectively. There are a number of sites you can visit offering both information and assistance in regards to building capacity, improving the quality, working with the many volunteers helping your group, and much more. You also have available a number of program handbooks and supplements. These will help provide the grantees important and current information on key topics. These include various areas such as program operations and reporting, the implementation of the Serve America Act Amendments, and so forth. Visit here for more details.


There is also information available for eGrants. Other documents are available such as the PPVA (Project Profile and Volunteer Activity Survey). Groups will be happy to know that these documents will help you to complete the annual survey in eGrants using the 2009 PPVA.

As previously stated in each grant, your group or organization is responsible to make certain that all federal resources are managed appropriately. This includes monitoring visits. We have identified a set of criteria which are good indicators. Also, The Corporation for National and Community Service requires that all grantees conduct, as well as document, National Service Criminal History Checks for both the Foster Grandparents and the Senior Companions programs. The AmeriCorps State and National participants, who frequently have access to children, or persons aged 60 or more, as well as those individuals with disabilities are also subject to these checks.

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