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Senior citizens above the age of 55 have a full lifetime’s experience for us to learn from. They also feel the desire to make a change in their world. From professional backgrounds ranging from former entrepreneurs, sales representatives, artists and farmers, the Senior Corps uses their individual strengths and experience to help their local communities. The organization is part of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency that connects American citizens of all demographic categories to give them the opportunity to improve their communities.

Improving The Community

The volunteers play a large role in the development of the communities they work with. Alongside other national and community service programs, the organization is constantly in a process of self-evaluation through performance reviews, up to date research, and complex policy analysis to enhance the impact they have on their communities. From reconstructing Churches, Schools, and Community Centers to helping local nonprofit organizations and serving as mentors for all ages, these programs have made a significant difference in our communities.

How Big Is Senior Corps?

Over half a million American citizens are part of Senior Corps, mentoring, coaching, or helping people in need, and using their skills and talent in developing community projects and small organizations. The combination of experience and talent make a real difference to the religious institutions, individuals, and other community organizations that volunteers work with across the United States.


Volunteers are given guidance and training to help them make better contributions to their community based on what they can offer, are interested in, and are capable of doing. The Foster Grandparent Program, for example, gives volunteers a chance to work with some of the most vulnerable children today. Children and young people with exceptional needs are mentored and supported by volunteers to help them live full lives.

The Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program helps those who can not complete simple day to day tasks on a personal level. Volunteers assist with chores, liaising between their ward and the ward’s doctors, or even just dropping by to check on how they are doing. Checking in with someone adds a layer of consistency to their lives, something that makes daily living easier for them, as routine chores and shopping are not left undone. The scheduled interactions also make it easier for volunteers to ensure that their wards are doing well.


Volunteers are also highly skilled professionals. RSVP gives them the opportunity to use their skills in community projects that would benefit from their help. Their individual talent and creativity make an enormous difference in facilitating the realization of many community projects.

Foster Grandparent Program

The passion, excellence and effort of these older citizens who share their knowledge and time as volunteers, Foster Grandparents, and companions, their ability to help other seniors in need, guide the youth, and improve their own communities demonstrates noble citizenry on the part of this volunteer corps. Making a donation to the Senior Corps makes the work of these senior citizens possible, and continually goes towards new community development projects. Make a difference in your community today.

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