Is Senior Volunteer Work Tax Deductible?

Charitable contributions are tax deductible in most cases. When a person donates a charitable good and gets a receipt, he can easily write the donation off on his taxes. Volunteer work of any sort, even senior volunteer work, may not be tax deducible. Community service occupies a gray area in the tax code. Most people do not volunteer and expect to received a deduction on the amount of money they must pay the federal government each year.

Senior Volunteer Work is Tax Deductible, Sometimes

A volunteer vacation, as ironic as the nae sounds, is senior volunteer work opportunity that is tax-deductible. These vacations are not ideal for everyone as many of them require a specific skill and the travel fees must be paid up front. The travel fees, however, can be written off on a person’s taxes in the United States. In many cases, senior volunteer work is not tax-deductible in your local community unless an individual must pay fees for training or pays some expenses out of his or her own pocket. The circumstances under which senior volunteer work is tax-deductible are constantly changing. Consult an accountant or attorney before trying to write your time off on your taxes.

Should I Do Senor Volunteer Work Even If It Isn’t Tax Deductible?

If a volunteer decides to donate his time to a local agency in his community, he or she is doing it for the wrong reason if he or she expects a reward. An old saying goes that a person who expects nothing shall never be disappointed. For some, the act of service is its own reward. Even if a monetary gain or stopping a monetary loss is not a possibility, there are plenty of other rewards for seniors who choose to engage in community service. Sometimes the reward is knowing that you are helping someone else or knowing that an individual is doing the right thing.

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