Impact of Senior Corps

Senior crops increases its efficacy on national and community service programs, with the help of improved assessment of its functions, better research, and continuous strategy scrutiny.

Positive Impact

Various performances measuring indicators reflect the sum of positive impact, which Senior Corps has inflicted on its associates. Several minorities and organizations reports and performance indicators, aid us to provide high level of services, and to produce more effective programs for our members, staff, and society. This not only helps the staff but also society as a whole.

State Performance Reports

The Corporation for National and community Service, evaluates performance, and generates a data annually. It is considered as a constant progression, in order to achieve the highest amount of clearness; reflects on our performance data. The corporation plans to bring the all associates abroad including staff and the field, in this ongoing process of developing “measures of performance” which will aid us to enhance the level of services we offer. These reports can be viewed for public interest in the following link.

This report majorly concludes the results. It indicates result of a launched program, and produces data, which is extremely useful to analyze the consequences of a launched program. This information is used by the Corporation to produce , most effective result oriented programs. A bird eye view, of the complete report in below link will be useful.

Program Overviews

The National Program monitors and overviews, the program funding, quantity of projects, volunteer postings, aides, number of aides hours by service category.

* Foster Grandparent Program Overview
* Senior Companion Program Overview
* RSVP Program Overview

More Information On Senior Corps’ Performance and Impact

* Research and Policy Reports
* State Profiles
* Stories of Service
* News From the Field
* Senior Corps—The Past Decade

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