How Many Hours A Week Does A Senior Volunteer Have To Put In?

Benefit #1: Hours Are Limited…Or Not

As one Senior Volunteer says, hours are not limited unless you want them to be. Don’t worry that you will be exhausted by your volunteer schedule. Don’t worry that you won’t have enough of your own personal time. Don’t worry that your hours will be limited, if you have more time to contribute. Nonprofits are happy to have senior volunteers as they are able and willing. A senior volunteer sets his or her own schedule when they enroll in SeniorCorps. Let your recruiter know the hours and days that you are available for volunteer work.

Benefit #2: Individualized Placement

A Senior Volunteer doesn’t go where he or she doesn’t want to go. Placement is based on the volunteer’s interests as expressed on the federal SeniorCorps registration form and through interviews with the local recruiting agency. You pick from many types of nonprofit work.

Benefit #3: Senior Volunteer Stipends

Not every senior volunteer will be eligible for a stipend. However, Foster Grandparents and Homebound Companions both have ways that Senior Volunteers can qualify for a tax-free stipend to compensate their time. All SeniorCorps programs also include on-the-job disability protection. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program provides some reimbursements for expenses.

Benefit #4: Training for Every Senior Volunteer

Once enrolled, Senior Volunteers will receive the type of training that will help them feel comfortable in their volunteer positions.

Benefit #5: Friendship and More

Many senior volunteers report that they make many friends, find a feeling of satisfaction and experience an improvement in their long-term health outlook. So

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