How Does SeniorCorps Help Organizations?

Senior Success

Senior Corps is one of the most successful federal ideas ever. It serves many agencies across the country, providing over one billion volunteer service hours.

SeniorCorps In Schools

Sometimes SeniorCorps is the Foster Grandparent program. Seniors serve in daycares, schools and after-school programs. Foster Grandparents tutor children, read to them and mentor them. Without SeniorCorps, programs wouldn’t have specialized, one-on-one activities for the children. With SeniorCorps, children gain knowledge and a relationship that encourages them to do their best.

SeniorCorps In Homes

The Homebound Companion program is another important part of the SeniorCorps. Individuals are trained to help the elderly in their homes. Without the retirees who perform these services, home-based care would be financially impossible for nonprofit agencies to provide.


SeniorCorps also sponsors the Retiree and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). It provides volunteers to faith-based organizations, public agencies and others who have a variety of needs.


Some SeniorCorps volunteers can receive a stipend through Foster Grandparents and Homebound Companions. This helps take the stress out of their retirement as well as provide inexpensive, quality help for some of the most vulnerable in our society: children and the elderly.

Society Benefits

SeniorCorps plugs the holes in the safety net of social services. They take care of many issues allowing paid staff to focus on critical needs. SeniorCorps knowledge benefits the agencies where they serve, and their interest spills over into issues of funding, fund-raising and public support.

Health Improvements

With all of these SeniorCorps volunteer organizations, seniors report that they get many benefits. Most say it keeps them healthier, keeps their mind sharper and gives them a feeling of self-worth.

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