How Do Senior Companions Benefit The Community?

You may have heard of the Senior Companions program and asked yourself, “How do senior companions benefit the community?” Perhaps you have reached the age of 55 and are interested in volunteering for this program but are not sure if it is a worthwhile endeavor? Be assured that it certainly is very worthwhile.

Why is there a need for Senior Companions?

There are many isolated, lonely people in our communities. Frail elderly citizens are often in need of a little extra help in order to be able to cope and thus stay in their own homes. Friends and relatives caring for the elderly appreciate times when they can have some time off. It is expensive to arrange full time care for the elderly which is why relatives often take it on themselves, often sacrificing much to do so.

I can see how this would benefit an individual, but how do senior companions benefit the community?

So, you are wondering, “How do senior companions benefit the community?” By helping to provide companionship to the home-bound elderly, running errands for them and providing their relatives with some much needed relaxation time you are directly benefiting the whole community. Any effort spent in making another’s life better improves society as a whole.

In a nutshell, in answer to the question, “How do senior companions benefit the community?” it is by helping to improve the quality of life for others that the community benefits. By providing companionship for an elderly person you are helping them to feel comforted and encouraged. At the same time you are also helping those who care for them on a regular basis by giving them much needed time to spend with their own families. Everyone benefits directly from involvement of this kind.

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