How Do I Find Senior Volunteer Opportunities?

The possibilities are endless as a volunteer. You have the power to decide which service or facility you would like to offer your time and experience to. You can pick the things that will bring you and the people you serve the most joy such as feeding programs in hospitals where you can sit in a nursery and feed infants. There are also programs that allow you to read to young children. The best part about volunteering is the new friendships that develop.

How to Get started?

Writing a list of your interest, hobbies and things you may find enjoyable will help you determine where to start looking for potential volunteer opportunities. If you list spending time with children as an interest you can look for local agencies dedicated to helping young children receive the care they need. Every area is different so senior volunteer opportunities will vary.

How do I find senior volunteer opportunities?

After your list has been compiled you can start contacting local hospitals in your area. Most hospitals need volunteers to offer patients care and friendly attention. Places like foster homes, nursing homes and community centers are a good place to begin your search. There may be an application or screening process to get started but it is not as intense as a job interview.

Enlist the help of a volunteer agency

If your search resulted in limited information you may want to consider a volunteer agency. They work similar to a temp agency that specializes in the placement of seniors 55 years of age or older. There are different programs available to seniors that are in your community. The agency specializes in finding senior volunteer opportunities that you will find both fulfilling and rewarding.

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    What’s available in Ventura, CA?

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    I am looking for a way to help others from home (preferably via internet or telephone) as I am disabled and can’t get out and about much. Can you direct me to some sources where I might, somehow be of benefit?

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