How Do I Become A Foster Grandparent?

To become a foster grandparent you must be at least 55 years of age, pass a physical and fill out all the appropriate paperwork to become certified in your area to participate in the program. It is really not as difficult as it sounds. Foster grandparents usually provide about 40 hours a week of their time to spend with children in need of love and guidance. Some programs will even offer a small stipend for the volunteers that participate in the program. These stipend will not be considered against the income of the senior and will not affect their Social Security.

How Do I Find Out Who Offers A Foster Grandparent Program In My Area?

There are a few ways to access information about foster grandparent programs. You can visit the Senior Corps website for information and links to programs in your area. You can contact your local Department of Children and Families or you can contact a charity such as the YMCA. The Senior Corps website offers many opportunities for seniors who wish to donate some of their time in the community.

Are There Any Other Requirements I Should Know About To Become A Foster Grandparent?

As a foster grandparent you will need to have a physical each year. This is provided for free by the program and is an actual extra benefit. You will need to be tested for TB at least once and you will need to attend an initial consultation course. This consultation will offer you insight into the program and what is to be expected from your service. The only other requirement is the ability to commit yourself to the program. Once you begin, you will make a huge impact on a child’s life, it is something to take seriously.

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