How Can The National Seniors Council Help Me?

The National Seniors Council is a great organization. They help other seniors find opportunities within assisted living facilities for example. The National Seniors Council can also help you build friendships. These friendships in some cases can be some of the most meaningful that you have ever had in your life. The council also is great for business opportunities as you can network and learn about different ways other seniors might like to spend their money in their golden years. It is your money and you should be allowed to protect it. It should not be stolen by a totalitarian government.


Do not listen to the current Administration’s lies, they want to radically change Medicare and ration your medicine. The National Seniors Council will do everything they can in order to make sure this doesn’t happen. They are getting rid of Medicare Advantage and any senior citizen out there should be stemming mad about the way people seem to be willing to try to pull the wool over a senior citizen’s eyes. The National Seniors Council will not let this happen, we will not let this abuse continue. We are here to defend you against this power grab, do not forget we are here.

Prescription Drugs

The people who are a proponent of ObamaCare were never fans of Medicare Part D to begin with. The National Seniors Council will try to do everything they can in order to make sure this wonderful program that has helped so many senior citizens stay in tact. The government needs to keep its hands off of your Medicare. Senior citizens paid into that system for decades. The National Seniors Council will fight to protect it. ObamaCare is bad for America and senior citizens need to know that.

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