How Can Senior Corps Help Our Organization?

As “America’s only growing resource,” senior citizens should be utilized by communities, and not left to become marginal members of society.

Senior Corps

According to, the purpose of the Corps is to connect members aged 55 and older with individuals or organizations that need them most. There is a range of programs seniors may become involved in right in their own communities: RSVP connects seniors with service organizations matching their skills and capabilities; the Foster Grandparent Program provides extra companionship and help for children and young adults with varying special needs; and the Senior Companion Program can offer the abilities of members to any of the other two organizations.

Your Organizational Needs

What Senior Corps can do to help your organization is only as limited as your needs. Do you want to landscape the grounds of your organization’s facility? Ask for some Senior Corps volunteers through the local RSVP group. Are there families at your church or school with children they cannot spend enough time with, due to work schedules? Ask Senior Corps about any local Foster Grandparents, or Senior Companions.

How Can Senior Corps Help Us or Our Organization?

Is your organization concerned about crime in your community? The SC offers Senior Patrols, who do house-checks when residents are away on vacation or at work, and keep a watch at playgrounds to help ensure the safety of children. Your local YMCA undoubtedly provides programs for seniors—yet other seniors may be the volunteers! Senior Corps can connect you to people willing to help others learn First Aid, CPR, or swimming safety. For any community organization, whether they have senior members or not, your greatest source of willing and able volunteers are those in Senior Corps.

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