How Can I Find Fun Elder Programs?

Would you care to dance?

Phone your local City Hall and ask them if there are sponsored dances for seniors. They may put you in touch with the nearest senior center which may offer them or know of these dances. In addition, parks and Recreation has a list of activities for senior fun and you can find their number either online or under your city’s listings. Also explore any local publications specifically for seniors in your library, senior center or local senior agency office.

Do you have a green thumb?

Your local County Extension Office will have an activity calendar listing gardening classes, exhibits, lectures, mentoring and opportunities for participation in upcoming events for senior elder programs.

All together now! “Y-M-C-A!”

Scheduled swimming classes and exercise rooms are just waiting for you! Other senior elder programs within the YMCA are available. To get their schedule, call your local “Y” and see what they offer.

Got the travel bug?

Senior tours is a huge business. Day trips, weekend or week long bus, ship or air travel with a senior fun group will provide you with companionship, structure and a themed tour of places you may love to visit but would prefer to go with a group. You can find these through local tour agencies online and in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Check out online for assistance in volunteering in your community in different capacities. Volunteers are needed in medical, tutoring, foster grandparents, help in the home for handicapped individuals and much more.

Finding senior elder programs that are fun can change your whole life.

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