How Am I Matched With The Children As A Foster Grandparent?

Most programs have no formula for matching a child with a volunteer.

How you can get started

You can visit the Senior Corps Website to get more information and sign up for 15 to 40 hours a week. You must first take a small training course and then will be able to donate your time to children in the hospital or even Daycare. You can also go to your local YMCA, head start or volunteers of America. You can also contact your local state government to find out what programs offer the foster grandparents program.

Application process

Fill out an application. The application will ask for financial information to see if you may qualify for a stipend. This will not affect social security or other government ran programs witch you may be receiving assistance from.


A program director will contact you for an interview. They will ask you questions about your past experience with children and why you want to donate your time. They will also conduct a background check to see if you have a criminal record. This will disqualify you from becoming a foster grandparent.

Getting a free physical

A free physical will be given along with a TB test. Every year you are a foster grandparent you will required to get a physical witch are always offered for free.


Orientation will be given to every new foster grandparent they will very depending on assignment. You must attend orienting if it is offered to become a foster grandparent.

Becoming a foster grandparent

Once you interview, pass the physical and background check, and complete orientation you will the start working with the children. Always remember you are there to educate, provide support and mentor the children you have volunteered your time to as a foster grandparent.

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