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If you’re over the age of 55 and would like to find a way to donate your time, skills and knowledge to worthy community based organizations then you may want to look at Senior Corps. Many retired persons look for interesting and commendable ways to spend their free time, but knowing what organization could best use your years of experience can be a very difficult challenge. Senior Corps simplifies the process and helps you reach out to your community in a real and meaningful way, thereby giving you confidence that you are using your time to enrich your community and yourself.


If you’re already involved in an organization, or are planning to start your own non-profit group then Senior Corps can help you as well. There are many ways to reach Senior Corps for more information and to see how they can help you with your organization. If you’ve jumped into the digital age and are communicating primarily through e-mail these days then you may already be aware of E-Grants. If you’d like to contact Senior Corps about E-Grants you can easily reach someone at this address: [email protected].


If you’d prefer to talk to someone over the telephone it’s still very easy to reach Senior Corps. If you’d like to call them you can talk to their friendly staff at 1-888-677-7849. You may need to write down Extension 533 for reference when calling. If you’d like to search through their directory its available here. It’s also a good idea to reach them at the state level. You can search by state here.

However you decide to contact them please keep their office hours in mind. They operate on Eastern time with a Monday through Friday schedule from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and they will reply to your messages and e-mails very quickly.

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