Guidance From the Office of the General Counsel

The Senior Corps website offers guidance from the office of the General Counsel for community groups that operate using their banner or operate independently. Visitors can find information about the political rules, political support, where to find extra funds for their organization, or even advice about how to run a community outreach program more effectively.

What Information Is Provided?

The Guidance from the Office of the General Counsel may seem a little general at first, especially if the user forgets to click on the links for each specific entry. Although people who write for the web try to keep their articles short and concise, the links on the Senior Corps website take the user to full documentation that gives some things that may seem at common sense advice at first, but allow the reader and future readers to know whether things like discussing religion or politics are allowed while an individual is performing his volunteer work.


The website offers a good place to start, but it is not the only place to get guidance from the Office of the General Counsel. Sometimes a problem comes up that the documentation on the Internet or the information a person has printed out does not cover. In such a circumstance, human advice is an invaluable tool.


A representative of a community service group can use the information on the website to contact a person who can answer the question or at least provide a different perspective. Receiving guidance from any outside source can help sort through problems that a person or a group is facing. The recipient might not find such advice useful, but the person or group that gets it does not have to follow it. Visitors to the website can also e-mail their questions, although an e-mail may not make it through the Senior Corp servers spam filters.

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