Government Paperwork Elimination Act

The Government Paperwork Elimination Act of October 2000 states that whenever it is practicable, Federal agencies should use electronic filing, electronic forms and electronic signatures when conducing official business. This act was supposed to be put in motion by 2003; however, the entire act has not been fully implemented but according to some, has progressed steadily in the last several years.

Why Was It Created?

This act was created to not only eliminate massive amounts of paperwork but also create legal records and have within those records, historical value.

Eliminate Paper

This act was created in part to move the United States toward a more electronic government; a government that provides services and information to its citizens on a 24/7 basis. Of course, this act presents challenges that are not being achieved and many feel that the goal of eliminating paperwork is idealistic and unworkable.

An important aspect of this act is to give individuals and others the option to transact with the government electronically—whenever it is practicable. In addition, this act clearly states that electronic records and electronic signatures should not be denied in a legal way and should be enforced. In addition, this act encourages the Federal government to use various kinds of electronic signature options.

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