Frequently Asked Questions For Organizations

Here are some answers to the most popular questions for Senior Corps from Organizations.

How do I know if my organization would be a good fit with the Seniors Corps?

The Seniors Corps was formed almost 50 years ago, during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Along with the Peace Corps, it was created as a way to match volunteers to organizations who can best make use of the his/her skills and talents. If your organization could use a volunteer with experience in business, social services, parenting or other areas, the Senior Corps could be the answer. The volunteers benefit by finding ways to contribute into their golden years and organizations gain years of knowledge and experience while saving money at the same time.

I have heard that there may be funding available? How does that work?

Our website provides a comprehensive section of current funding opportunities. They may change over time, so keep checking the website. If you meet the qualifications for a current funding opportunity, you can either apply online or print out the application form and send it in.

How do I find find volunteers for my program?

We have partnered with a website called VolunteerMatch. You can add your Not-For-Profit organization to the website and it will help you meet up with volunteers in your community. With more than 86% of organizations saying that they are pleased with the match, you can be practically guaranteed to find the right volunteer for you.

How can I ensure my Senior Corps volunteers get the most out of their experience with my organization?

With more than 5000 online materials, our Resource Center is geared to help both you and your volunteers get the most of the experience. We now have upwards of 800 self-paced training programs so that continued-learning can be part of the experience for your volunteer.

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  1. Alea Bell says:


    My name is Alea Bell, Program Associate for The Fishing School, a non-profit that runs out-of-school time programs for students in Washington, DC. I am interested in speaking to someone about ways to get senior volunteers into our programs. We are registered on VolunteerMatch, but is there another way to more directly contact your members?

    Thank you,

    Alea Bell
    Program Associate
    The Fishing School
    4737 Meade St NE
    Washington, DC 20019
    (202) 399 3618 ext. 34

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