Frequently Asked Questions For Individuals

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for individuals who are interested in learning more about the organization known as Senior Corps.

Is Senior Corps only for those over the age of 65?

The Senior Corps service organization is designed for US citizens ages 55 and above.

What is the meaning of Senior Corps?

This is a national service group that helps communities by offering 3 distinct programs.
*Foster Grandparents
*Senior Companions

Will my involvement with Senior Corps teach me new ideas?

Yes, senior volunteers are encouraged to learn and grow as they share their talents, skills and wisdom with other members of their community. You may serve as a tutor, mentor, counselor or work with environmental issues.

What will I get out of Senior Corps as far as benefits are concerned?

Each volunteer will develop new ideas and experience a rejuvenated interest in being a contributing partner in their local community. You will be able to build new relationships, meet new friends and make a difference in the lives of a number of people.

There are also stipends available to those who volunteer for the Senior Companion program or the Foster Grandparent program. Training and insurance benefits are also part of the package when you sign up for these worthwhile programs.

Where are the Senior Corps programs currently offered?

You will find this program available in each state as well as the US Virgin Islands, DC and Puerto Rico

Who is in charge of these programs?

There is a local project director who will help determine individual assignments for all volunteers. Of course the volunteers have input regarding what tasks they would like to undertake. Each volunteer will be matched to the placement that suits their abilities and interests.

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