Frequently Asked Questions For Current Volunteers

Senior Corps volunteers are a group of special individuals from every walk of life. Sometimes, however, certain questions may arise that need qualification.

What Types of Materials are Available?

The Resource Center is available for every volunteer to find training publications, sample forms, effective practices, and even funding opportunities. From there, the “Tools and Training” section will also give you valuable guidance. This is a clearinghouse of over 5,000 specific materials designed to fortify the volunteer program. A self-paced catalog of on-line courses is also included to sharpen your skills if needed in your chosen expertise area.

Is there a Section that Explains Volunteer Benefits?

Volunteers are guided to talk to their project supervisor for guidance on benefits. If further assistance is required there is a complete list of state directors available.

What Informational and Promotional Programs are Available?

Receiving newsletters and service gear is also very important to the volunteer program. Senior Corps Volunteers like to keep informed on current issues, and promote their non-profit programs through promotional wear. Information on national and community service updates are available through the Corporate State Office. It is very important to keep up-to-date on programs available to volunteers to avoid any missteps.

T-shirts and sweatshirts, among others gear, is available through the National Service Catalog. Volunteers will find a variety of choices to suit their program. Custom wear designed for your specific needs is also available.

For answers to more of your volunteer and Senior Corps questions, please visit here for more details.

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