Find Volunteers For Your Program

If you are looking for a easier way to find senior volunteers for your program there is a excellent online resource that is available for this very thing. This web based recruitment site has been made possible by an alliance between Senior Corps and VoluteerMatch.

To be part of the VolunteerMatch system you post your volunteer opportunities on the VoulnteerMatch web site. Your posting will then be available to be seen by the thousands of people who access this site daily looking for volunteer opportunities in their own towns. The way in which a perspective volunteer finds your position is a easy task because all they have to do is insert what type of opportunity they are looking for and where they are located. These steps will connect them to the listings that best match their needs. This method works well for both the volunteer and the organization. The volunteer gets the information relevant to their search and the organization has a way for monitoring the volunteer matches. This capability makes all aspects of managing their volunteer program easier for the organization.

About VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch is a non-profit organization committed to the service it provides. It helps people find the right volunteer position for them and it is one of the top nonprofit organizations in the world. This organization provides a broad range of services that help to enhance many different areas of communities

Do You want To Volunteer?

The VolunteerMatch “Get Involved ” search engine will connect you with positions in your desired field and that are suitable for volunteers age 55 and older. These volunteer opportunities are usually easy to build around your schedule and are located in a reasonable distance from your home. If you want to get started on your volunteer search now go to

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