Does SeniorCorps Offer Any Paid Positions?

What Senior Corps Does

Senior Corps helps communities in the form of senior volunteers over the age of 55. They have many different programs that senior can participate in to perform some kind of volunteering service to their surrounding communities. They only offer volunteer positions to the public in which the person can find it challenging, rewarding and fun. They do not offer paid positions at the moment.

Positions Offered by Senior Corps

Some of the great programs that Senior Corps offers are the Foster Grandparent Program that allows volunteers age 55 and older to help children and young people as well with exceptional needs. They also offer a Senior Companion Program that can help bring people over the age of 55 and older together. The people are mostly adults who live around them have problems performing everyday tasks. Another great service that is offered is the RSVP program. It for anyone over the age of 55 who is looking for the best volunteering opportunities. It is required that they register with Senior Corps to be eligible for the opportunities.

How To Contact Senior Corps

Senior Corps is only a volunteering program for people over the age of 55. If you are interested in volunteering and working with people in your community, make sure to get in touch with the Senior Corps company. You can register online and as well look for some great volunteering opportunities in your area. Volunteering is one of the best thing that you could ever do. There is never a better time to get involved than now. There is a huge need for volunteers everywhere, remember the opportunities can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. What else could you be looking for?

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