Does SeniorCorps Have A Lot of Volunteer Opportunities?

As the need for volunteers increases, so do the opportunities available at SeniorCorps. Perhaps one of the neediest programs offered by SeniorCoprs is the Senior Companion Program. As the baby boomers enter into their senior years many find that they need assistance to complete the everyday necessities of life. Others just need someone to take the time to be their friend. The Senior Companion program is a wonderful volunteer opportunity that helps provide these services. There are many other types of volunteering programs available. SeniorCorps will work with you, once your application has been filled out, to determine where you want to go and what services best suit your talents.’

Why Would You Want Senior Citizens Or Retirees To Volunteer?

As we age we gain experience and wisdom. Retiree’s and seniors have had a lifetime to learn and now, in their retirement, they are given the opportunity to teach. Being a foster grandparent, volunteering as a senior companion or spending time at the local museum answering questions are all perfect ways to use a lifetime of learning to help care for others. People that volunteer often live longer. This is because the act of kindness and sense of community that comes with volunteering actually increases your endorphins and makes you healthier. People with strong community ties are happier and stronger, it is just a fact.

Does SeniorCorps Pay For Any Of These Volunteer Opportunities?

Some SeniorCorps volunteers will qualify for a small payment from the charity for their services. You must meet the financial requirements to receive payment. The payment is very small, but it is tax free and will not be counted against your income.
Many seniors find re-donating their “pay” back to the charity is a great way to increase the programs potential to reach more people.

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