Do I Serve My Local Community In The Senior Volunteer Program?

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, commonly abbreviated as RSVP is a countrywide volunteer network that offers retirees and senior citizens opportunities to offer their wisdom and experience in their local communities. By being in the RSVP, you have the opportunity to give back to your local community depending on how much skill, experience and energy you have.

Helping younger generations

Younger generations are the back-bone of tomorrow’s society, and helping children and young adults gain knowledge and experience is one of the greatest ways serve your local community. By mentoring young people, raising disabled children and aiding disadvantaged boys and girls, the entire society benefits in the long run. So go today and register to become a servant to your community.

Engaging other senior volunteers in a senior volunteer program

By joining and participating in senior volunteer programs, you raise awareness among your peers about the need for volunteer senior citizens. Let us say, today you register in an RSVP program and manage to convince four other seniors to apply and join, and they in turn convince another four seniors each, you will have added 20 members, including yourself, to the RSVP. That is a great way to serve your local community.

Passing on wisdom

With age and experience comes wisdom, no matter where you walk in life. Instead of keeping all that wisdom to yourself, being in a RSVP program gives you a great chance to pass on and put your wisdom to use. The local community benefits greatly from guidance and experience they so greatly need.

So if you get the opportunity to join a RSVP do so. It is one great way to discover new things and friendships, have a new outlook to life as well as serve your local community.

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