Do I Need Medicare Part B?

What you need to know about Medicare Part B. Is this a plan that will fit your needs, or is it unnecessary?

Medicare Part B is a service provided for those who currently are on Medicare and want to pay for the service. It is something that a person needs to evaluate and see if the coverage is something that would be worth their while or not.

Medicare Part B Coverage

Medicare B coverage is to help take care of various services that are considered outpatient. This can also include some doctor’s visits, X-rays, medical equipment, mental health services, outpatient hospital visits, diagnostic tests and even physical therapy. The cost for Medicare B is based on what your determined income is. In most cases, the cost is directly deducted from the Social Security checks you receive before it ever gets to you.

Medical Equipment

Medicare Part B also covers many different medical equipment items. Things such as oxygen tanks, braces for legs, arms, and back, wheelchairs and even some glasses that have specific lenses for after eye surgeries. It can be a confusing policy at times because Medicare B doesn’t cover items that can be medically related, but not really medically necessary, like a humidifier or some safety bars. Also, some of the guidelines state that some products can be bought, but some have to be rented.

Preventative Procedures

The Medicare Part B policy will also cover specific preventative procedures. Within six months after enrolling, you would be required to get a complete physical. Your cholesterol and triglycerides are going to be tested every two years. For high risk patients, tests for screening diabetes will be covered. Mammograms are covered annually as well as pelvic and pap exams. Some colon cancer screenings are also covered on this policy.

Overall, it is an affordable service for those who have Medicare and it should be considered carefully.

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