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Our seniors have a vast amount of wisdom and life’s experience to share with the world that you can only acquire by having experienced life first hand. The seniors in our communities have successfully raised families, owned their own businesses, and been doctors, lawyers, teachers, salesclerks and everything in between. Therefore now in their golden years of life they are ready to share their experience and talents with those in their own community and add some joy in their own at the same time.


Founded when the late President John F. Kennedy was in office, Senior Corps is the organization that brings seniors together with those in the community that need them the most. Here they will guide, teach, and share their life’s experiences with individuals, families, nonprofit groups and religious groups within their communities.

There are various different ways that Senior Corps can help volunteers to get the help and education that they need to make a difference in their community according to their own talents, experiences and times they are available.

One being the Foster Grandparent Program, this program links volunteers age 55 and older with the children in their community that are in the most dire need. They will guide, mentor and lend support to the young people that need it the most.

The Senior Companion Program, pairs up senior volunteers with the adults in their communities who have trouble managing the simple everyday tasks of living. They can assist by visiting them, helping them with easy to do chores, making phone calls for them or anything else they feel they can do.

RSVP, links seniors with volunteer job opportunities in their communities that match up with their special talents or skills. This can be anything from helping with contracting duties to working with various non profit organizations.

Between Foster Grandparents, RSVP and Senior Companion Program’s, there are more than 500,000 senior citizens that volunteer their time and talents. They willing give of themselves to other seniors and children in need of help, companionship and guidance.

For contact information for volunteers and organizations click here for more details.

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