Can Seniors Volunteer To Help Other Seniors?

Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Many seniors volunteer to assist other seniors when they are at home in recovery or need special visitors to help them in a medical facility that is not able to attend all of their special needs. Depending on the setting, volunteers can help other seniors with daily tasks, companionship, communication with family and friends or assisting in getting other types of needs met.

Senior Centers

Seniors volunteer to help other seniors in programs which are designed to entertain, educate, feed or facilitate other needed services. Conducting support or socialization groups, games, outings or events is a much needed talent in this setting.


Seniors volunteer to transport because they know how very important it is that medical appointments are kept. Volunteers are also needed to assist seniors to help with shopping, banking or other appointments.

Tax and Financial Help

Seniors volunteer to help other seniors with their finances. Many times a person finds they cannot handle the “business” side of life any more and can become somewhat confused about medical bills, appraisal statements or mortgage and insurance information. Clarification of monetary issues can assist in organizing and clarifying financial communications. Help with filing tax returns is may also be needed.

Senior Companions

Staying independent in the home is very important to seniors and seniors volunteer to help other seniors in this way. Light housework, errands or assistance with other activities of daily living are crucial to those who have difficulty getting things done. Companions also help other seniors just by being there, by offering support and being someone the recipient can trust to help them with sensitive or personal issues.

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