Can Senior Volunteering Improve My Health?

Seniors the world over are discovering the health benefits of volunteer work. There are many of these benefits that exist such as improved fitness and increased social interaction. Senior volunteering has been cited as a reason why some senior citizens are actively living longer. It is a proven fact that sometimes it is just a matter of someone over the age of fifty-five feeling needed and useful that increases their longevity and overall health.

Improve Fitness Through Volunteering

There are many types of volunteer work that seniors can perform. Some of them involve working with small children while other types may involve simple charity work in regards to clothing drives and the like. There are many options. Senior volunteering often requires a bit of moving around that can take a normally sedentary elder and give them reason to be active in the world. They may walk more, interact more, etc. This improves their fitness level without actually making them do a workout. They start to be more fit and feel better simply by being more active.

Health Benefits of Social Interaction

There is truth to the statement that an individual that is alone and forgotten will fade away. Medically speaking sedentary individuals of any age will have poor health compared to active individuals. Social interaction is one of many methods that a senior can restore their health of mind body and spirit. This type of interaction on a daily or weekly basis can be exactly what is necessary to help older citizens get out of bed in the morning. The sense that they have something to do worth doing is a major health benefit. Senior volunteering can help a senior citizen can find a purpose they may have been lacking.

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