Can I Start My Own Community Volunteer Program?

You may be wondering, “Can I start my own community volunteer program?” The first step to finding your perfect way to give back is to think of all the things you like to do and are good at. This could be anything, from something related to your job or college minor, a hobby or even a game.
Then, think about how you best work with people, and what kind of people. Like teaching and kids? You could start an after school enrichment program to teach them something like an instrument, knitting or conversational Italian. Good with computers and deal best with grown ups? You could help seniors get their internet hooked up and show them how to use it.

What Is Needed In Your Community?

You can absolutely start a community volunteer program, but see what resources are available to you in your community that could help you give back to it. Check out the library, the middle school or your church or temple for a space, supplies, or even already existing programs that could benefit from your expertise. Getting involved with a public establishment is a really great way to get involved in the community because it can provide you with some resources, structure and, most importantly, a platform. Go to the town hall or your local wild life preserve and find out how to adopt a highway, or see if your church wants a children’s choir. Maybe the school art teacher doesn’t have time to stay after school for art club.

Help Your Community

There is not just one way to participate actively and give back to your community, and by starting your own community volunteer program, you may be surprised at which of your talents and interests can help you to get involved.

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