Can I Offer My Medical Skills As A Retired Volunteer?

Senior volunteering offers the perfect way for retired individuals to remain current on the skills they have acquired throughout their lifetime. There are many different fields that are in need for volunteers to mentor others. For instance, a retired nurse has many options available to offer their medical skills as a retired volunteer. There are many places that need a retiree with prior medical knowledge, such as homeless shelters and elementary schools.

Retired Volunteers Can Assist with Immunizations

If the medical field is where your experience lies, one of the best ways to give back to your community is to assist with immunization clinics. There are ongoing clinics throughout the year that need the help of volunteers who possess medical skills- especially during influenza season starting in the fall.

Aid in Educating Others About Blood Pressure

With heart attacks and strokes gaining more concern over the years, educating others on how to monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol levels is a very important service. There are certain clinics that are dedicated entirely to teaching people how to prevent and manage their hypertension. If you have excellent people skills and a knack for teaching, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to volunteer your medical skills.

Retired Volunteers Can Help With Wellness Screens

There are many opportunities to offer your expertise by volunteering to do different kinds of wellness screens. These are held at a variety of locations. Sometimes, retirees can assist other seniors during wellness screens at retirement centers. Here you will be responsible for simple tasks such as checking blood pressure levels and pulse rate. You would also be educating them about blood pressure, cholesterol, healthy diets and the benefits of exercising. Elementary schools also have a need for volunteers that have prior medical experience when they hold health screening workshops.

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