Can I Learn New Skills To Help Others As A Senior Volunteer?

Being observant helps develop new skills

Observe, listen, and talk to people. This can teach you about relationships, current events, and much more. Show an interest by asking questions and you’ll naturally extend your knowledge enabling you to more easily learn new skills to help others as a senior volunteer.

Research ways to develop new skills to help others

Attend lectures or classes on topics that interest you. Do research on your computer about topics that you may have wanted to learn more about.

Become involved in activities that can help you learn new skills as a volunteer

Volunteer as a teaching assistant or help a neighbor with a home repair to learn new skills. If you are a grandparent or parent, you most likely already have the essential skills to become a foster grandparent. If you aren’t sure if you have the right skills, know that having a caring heart, patience and a willingness to accept children who may be different and have various needs, are just the skills that are required.

Trust in yourself

You have more knowledge and ability than you realize. Years of experience with family, community, friends, and work have given you the skills needed to become a volunteer who is needed to help others. Now those skills can be used to help individuals as a senior volunteer. No skill is too small to be valued and this knowledge, put into action, can change a person’s life forever.

Volunteering is the best way to learn new skills

Ultimately, to learn new skills and to help others as a senior volunteer, simply put what you already know into action.

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