Can I Get Paid For Being In The Retired Senior Volunteer Program?

Are you a Senior who is interested in volunteer work? If so, you may have many questions regarding the types of volunteer work that are available, and you may even wonder what incentives are offered for your time and labor.

Can I Get Paid For Volunteering in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program?

Generally, when one volunteers they are entering into a service that they provide free of charge. Some of the reasons for volunteering are: to build a positive social network, to stay active, and/or to provide a service for those less fortunate. Sometimes the only incentive offered for volunteering is a good feeling that comes from knowing one is doing something helpful, and that something good is being accomplished.

However, there are some incentives offered for volunteering in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Compensation varies by program, so depending on which proffered area you choose to get involved with, the level and type of assistance garnered to you will change.

What Incentives Are Available?

For most of the programs offered in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, health insurance is available for the volunteers. Other offerings include training in various areas, for a more rounded experience from life. When it comes to cash though, there are modest stipends available for programs involving volunteer companion services, and also for volunteering to be an active foster parent through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

If one is looking to make money from volunteering, they are looking towards the wrong field. The money offered for volunteer companions and foster parents is enough to offset the costs of providing such services. It is better to make a difference.

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