Can I Choose What I Do For The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program?

What to do as a volunteer?

The retired & senior volunteer program includes programs to choose. If a senior is not familiar with certain tasks they can be trained for. Communities need seniors to participate in their programs. Social services are always in need for volunteers. Communities and organizations need to provide help for elderly people and others in need. Schools need mentors to children. Many organizations use volunteers to manage and organize volunteer work. “National community service” – “Senior corps” has three volunteer programs: one for foster grandparents, one for senior companions and RSVP, for local and national organizations. Even hospitals use seniors to help visitors and patients. What one can choose in any retired senior volunteer program is what kinds of volunteers an organization is looking for. But the main choice is between volunteer programs.

Where to find volunteer work?

The retired & senior volunteer program use local, non-profit and religious organizations or charities. Some government programs are linked to them. The Internet is a good searching place for ideas. On the Internet there is “” and it’s RSVP, which serves local communities and may be a way to find a local volunteer program. Local services may be found at “”. And mentoring may be found at “”.


Education and whatever a person has learnt in a life time are capabilities to use. And new skills could be learnt also.


The retired & senior volunteer program may be looking may want a volunteer to work certain hours to work, but it really is up to each person how much time to put into a volunteer work. Spending 40 hours a year is common.

BenefitsThe main benefit is making volunteer’s life more worthwhile by involvements.

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