Can I Become A Senior Volunteer With My Friends?

Role of senior volunteer to society

The number in senior volunteers is increasing, as these retirees do not retire in any ‘real’ sense. They have had many experiences. Also, they are well aware that they can contribute to society significantly. There are several opportunities for a senior volunteer to work with their friends. As a senior volunteer, you can develop a discussion group, which can contribute and facilitate groups at cultural centers. These groups, when they get involved in discussions, can actually discuss books they have read, which will assist other seniors to use their minds.

One of the major issues is dementia with older groups. The senior volunteer, with their friends, can help stimulate the discussion abilities of the people they are helping, and this will actually help them keep themselves sane, as well. The experience of service volunteers, which when combined with their friends’ experiences, can contribute towards educating youths in various areas.

Assess your skills and interests

The key to finding the best senior volunteer opportunity is to first assess your skills, and your interests. Look for areas and fields you think you are passionate about. There are various organizations where you and your friends can register together, and show your inclination to work together. You can take the assistance of a service volunteer coordinator who is well-acquainted with various programs of the organizations. The volunteer coordinator can guide you through certain programs and help you choose a program of you and your friends’ interests.

Be flexible, try new activities and say “no” if the activity is not suitable for you and your friends. So, you and your friends -and the service volunteers – get out of the comfort zone, help others and enjoy time together.

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