Can I Be Turned Down As A Senior Volunteer?

However you’re getting the can I be turned down as a senior volunteer see-you-later treatment may not be due to your lack of experience or knowledge, just your age. Senior Corps mostly look for volunteers over the age of 55 but even then a senior volunteer can be turned down. Don’t be discouraged. Every negative can be a learning experience and a senior volunteer spot could open up before you know it once you solve your why you were turned down problem.

What is this senior volunteer program all about?

Helping people and sharing your knowledge and experience is really what being a senior volunteer is all about. You get an opportunity to put all the know-how expertise and interests you have gained during the middle part of your life with the option to pass it on to other people, companies, and organizations. Training is free and once you get the hang of how everything works and what’s involved, the senior volunteer program carefully matches the talents you have learned all those years and place them where they are most needed to help the lives of others.

Question: can I be turned down as a senior volunteer?

As mentioned earlier yes you or anyone else can be turned down and there are several reason why. Since this is a quasi Federal program every senior volunteer applicant is subjected to a background check for obvious reasons. Since some RSVP programs deal with children, it’s important that background checks are made on all volunteer wannabes. Perhaps your can I be turned down as a senior volunteer background check along with your age were not acceptable.

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