Can I Be Involved In More Than One Senior Volunteer Program?

Seniors can volunteer for a multitude of programs. Due to a senior’s scheduling availability and number of hours available for each program, seniors may benefit from taking on more than one senior volunteer program at a time. Seniors are not limited to just one program at a time.

Taking advantage of multiple opportunities

Seniors are encouraged to participate in one or more senior volunteer program. There are copious amounts of companies that have multiple senior volunteer programs that desperately need volunteers. If a senior has many hours a month they are willing to volunteer, they can certainly pick up 3 or 4 volunteer programs. The only catch would be if a company requests to not sign up for any other programs that would be a conflict of interest. Make sure this is checked out before signing up with multiple programs.

Maximizing your hours available

One company may have unlimited amounts of volunteer hours to choose from in one program. That same company may have multiple programs, too. If they don’t, then a senior is free to choose from other companies in which to volunteer their time. Again, as long as there are no conflicts of interest, the senior can enroll in various programs.

More than one at a time vs. back to back

Seniors can choose from any number of programs and companies to volunteer. Their time is always welcomed at a number of companies in a number of capacities. Some of those capacities may be one right after the other, while others may run simultaneous with each other. No matter how many programs a senior volunteer signs up for, each and every hour counts and is truly appreciated. It is safe to say there are pretty much an unlimited number of hours, programs and companies in need of senior volunteers. These companies welcome, understand and are willing to work with seniors that enroll in multiple volunteer programs.

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