Can Anyone Volunteer With Senior Corps?

Senior Corps is a great organization for those that are looking to serve their community. Everyone has a skill that can be useful to this program. If there is a desire, there is a position. That is what makes this organization so great. Over 500,000 people currently volunteer their services all over the country. There are three programs that Senior Corps focus on. These are the Foster Grandparent Program, the Senior Companion Program, and the RSVP program.

Finding A Program

Those that are interested in mentoring a child would be perfect for the Foster Grandparent Program. The requirements for this program are compassion and love. Every child needs a friend. Someone to provide guidance and support. A volunteer can help a child learn to read and become a good person. It’s that easy.

The Senior Companion Program is a great way to serve. The volunteers in this program help those that are unable to care for themselves. They provide companionship, care, and friendship to the elderly. Giving a family member a much needed break is a great relief for them. Running errands can also help a great deal. Everyone can use a companion in their lives.

For those that want to choose when and what they will be doing are placed through the RSVP program. People developed a lot of skills during their lives, and are always ready to learn new ones. These skills can be used to help out in the community. The RSVP program places the perfect volunteer with the perfect position.

What You Can Expect From Service Corp

A Senior Corp volunteer will meet with a project director and be placed in a program. They will receive appropriate training and support, while contributing their life skills, to create a great position. If necessary, proper insurance will be provided for each volunteer. Some positions can even provide a tax-free, hourly stipend. Anyone can go to to find out about this great organization.

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