Can A Senior Volunteer Service Program Fill My Time?

Being a volunteer in a service program is a way to use your free time in a rewarding manner. The Red Cross and the Salvation Army both use senior volunteers to provide assistance to families in need. The volunteers can perform a variety of different duties that can be full time or part time in nature. A senior volunteer program is often used by area food pantries to work in the areas of dispensing food. These pantries like their volunteers to work on a schedule so you could choose one day a week or several.

Check with Your Red Cross Chapter for Senior Volunteer Programs

The Red Cross also uses many senior volunteers to help with their mailings. This senior volunteer service program would fill your days if you are looking for some outside work to keep you busy. The Red Cross is also in contact with area agencies that use volunteers such as some community programs. Your local library may have a need for volunteers to help shelve returned materials. This would be a day job that you can do every day. It is also a public area so it gives you outside contact with other people.

Use your Car to Volunteer Rides for Seniors

If you still drive a car and have your own transportation, you can help with programs that deliver meals to shut-ins and people in residential care facilities. This is a job that requires only an hour or two of your time and would be done on a daily basis. Many communities also have ride assistance programs to help give seniors and handicapped people free rides to area locations such as the grocery store or doctor’s office. This would be a variable job for people with a flexible schedule. As a senior citizen you have a lot of opportunities available to you as a volunteer worker if you decide to use them.

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