Biographies of Corporation Executive Leadership

Leadership is essential to any strong organization. Seniorcorps is no exception. See below for biographies of the 2 top leaders of seniorcorps.

Patrick Corvington

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Corvington is CEO of National and Community Service Corporation. Mr. Corvington immigrated to America from Haiti as a young man and has been an American citizen since 1993. After working his way through college, Corvington received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Maryland. He then earned an M.A. in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University, and the Kellogg Foundation awarded him the National Minority Leadership Fellowship.

Skills and Experience

Mr. Corvington is an acknowledged authority on nonprofit issues, such as leadership, new and promising philanthropies, and community service. Before he became CEO of the corporation, he was the Executive Director of the non-profit company, Innovation Network, which seeks to build the evaluation capacity of the non-profit sector. He was also a senior associate at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. His job was to advise the foundation’s grant holders on matters involving the development of leadership traits and the building of capacity in the next generation of leaders. In the course of his work, Mr. Corvington worked closely with some of the most well known innovators in the nonprofit sector. He has also co-authored several books, such as “Ready to Lead: Next Generation Leaders Speak Out” and “Next Shift: Beyond the Nonprofit Leadership Crisis.”


At the beginning of his work-life, Mr. Covington served as a case manager for itinerant workers. He has also worked as an advocate for patients in an HIV/AIDS clinic and performed volunteer work at a shelter for homeless persons. During the early portion of his career, Corvington carried out policy studies in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Center at the Urban Institute, and helped in the effort to strengthen the capacity of overseas nonprofit organizations. His life has been devoted to public service.

Mr. Corvington has also been a member of several boards, including the board of directors of Echoing Green, the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, and the advisory board of the American Humanics Nonprofit Workforce Coalition. Corvington resides in Maryland with his wife and two daughters.

Kristin McSwain

Chief of Program Operations

Kristin McSwain is a staunch supporter of volunteerism and service to the community. She takes part in many charitable events and has been a board member of Boston Cares, Friends of the Children, and The GreenLight Fund. McSwain also co-chaired Voices for National Service, which helps maintain the development of national service programs and informs the public and America’s leadership about the importance of national service.

Who Is She?

Kristin McSwain is Chief of Program Operations and the Director of AmeriCorps State and National for the Corporation for National and Community Service. She is responsible for the daily operation of Senior Corps, Learn and Serve America, AmeriCorps NCCC, AmeriCorps VISTA, and AmeriCorps State and National. She is also the director of AmeriCorps State and National. McSwain has been the Director of AmeriCorps State and National, since August 2006 and was appointed Chief of Program Operations in October of 2008.

McSwain graduated from college in 1991 and became a member of the Teach for America Corps. She worked as a fifth-grade teacher in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, and then continued to advance the quality of education through Teach for America and Citizen Schools as a staff member. McSwain has been engaged in volunteerism and community services her entire life.

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