Are There Senior Volunteer Opportunities For The Disabled?

There are numerous senior volunteer opportunities available where disabled senior citizens can volunteer to serve both in their local community and around the world. Not only are there organizations just waiting for help but it is a known fact that whether a senior citizen is disabled or not, volunteering contributes to a longer life and a better outlook on life in general.

Even disabled senior citizens can volunteer to serve as Foster Grandparents

In the current economic situation all over the world, many parents are having to relocate far from away home for employment causing many children to be separated from their biological grandparents,which creates an opportunity where even disabled seniors can fill a most vital need in the life of a child. In their local area even disabled seniors can find senior volunteer opportunities as foster grandparents with the help of their community social services program. Foster grandparents often serve in after-school programs helping children with homework and spending quality time with them. Even if the only thing a disabled senior is able to do is to communicate by telephone or via email, this can mean ‘the world’ to a child.

Disabled Seniors can volunteer as a Senior Companion

In every community there is at least one nursing home or assisted living facility where many of the caregivers on staff would like to spend individual time with the residents but unfortunately the time needed to provide basic care to all makes this impossible to do. Here is another example of where senior volunteer opportunities are available to fill a very vital need. Since the majority of the residents in these facilities are seniors themselves, who better to spend time with them than another senior! Not only can they share life experiences and delightful trips down ‘memory lane’ together, they can also learn from each other

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