Are There Elder Programs For An Active Senior?

Millions of active seniors are involved as volunteers in a wide variety of elder programs across the country. Volunteer elder programs abound, and offer active seniors a great opportunity to help themselves while helping the elderly live out their lives with dignity. These programs only work through the efforts of their volunteers. Active seniors play a major role in providing services, counseling, and friendship with their time and efforts to elder programs. Some of the elder programs that active seniors may volunteer for include the following.

Senior Corps

Senior Corps is a gateway that links seniors who are over 55 with several programs for volunteer opportunities. One specific elder program through Senior Corps is the Senior Companion Program. Essentially, the program matches volunteers with the frail elderly. The program is designed to help the elderly remain in their homes with the help of volunteers. Volunteers help with the basic day-to-day living tasks, such as running errands and light housekeeping.


The Meals-on-Wheels Program is designed to ensure that the elderly have access to well-balanced nutritious meals. This is a chance for volunteers to prepare and/or deliver meals to elderly clients.

Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE)

Volunteers are trained by the IRS to provide free tax counseling and basic tax return preparation for senior citizens who are 60 plus. Volunteers are normally a part of a non-profit organization that has received the TCE Program grant, such as AARP. AARP offers the Tax-Aide counseling program funded through the TCE program. Volunteers are trained and certified as AARP Tax-Aide volunteer counselors.

Active senior volunteers are the backbone of most elder programs. These programs provide the elderly with so much more than mere services. These elder programs provide active senior volunteers with the opportunity to change lives and share their love and friendship for the most vulnerable members of our country.

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