Are There Community Service Programs For Seniors?

If you are over the age of 55, look no further than Senior Corps. Becoming involved in Senior Corps is a wonderful opportunity to be a mentor or companion that assists the needs and challenges in our communities.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are several ways to become involved. First, the Foster Grandparent Program connects seniors with children, and seniors act as a support system for vulnerable children in America. Second, becoming senior companion in the Senior Companion Program allows seniors to assist one another with day-to-day living. RSVP, another program, assigns seniors with community service programs that match their skills.

What Can I Do?

More than 500,000 seniors participate in Senior Corps and help others throughout the United States. Community service for seniors allows seniors to work in a team, and working with people from diverse backgrounds is a great learning experience. Every senior has different capabilities, all of which are valued and appreciated. Presence of seniors in Senior Corps is prized. The program is flexible, and seniors are able to volunteer within their comfort limits and volunteers learn even more skills during service-learning. Not only does senior volunteering impact the communities that are served, but it also enriches the life of seniors that put effort into helping others.

Can It Help Me?

Senior Corps is an active organization in every state in the United States of America. Becoming involved enriches communities all over. It allows positivity to grow throughout the nation, and volunteer work is appreciated throughout the country. If you are interested in growing as a person, assisting fellow seniors, taking care of younger vulnerable children, or becoming involved in community service programs specific to your skills and abilities, look no further than Senior Corps. Senior Corps is an excellent way for seniors to become involved today.

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    Hello, I am willing to do hair cuts for our home bound seniors. I am licensed. Willing to help those in need. Thank you,Judith Gawlik

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